What Are The Do’s And Don’ts of Cheat Diet

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts of Cheat Diet?

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Diets are usually boring, isn’t it? But for achieving something better for our own body, we go for diet plans and even our body unwillingly accepts and digests. But have you ever thought, how long will it last? Well, we tell you a trick which will not only give all the benefits of your diet but also keep you cheerful and happy!

It is known as a Cheat Diet!

There is one good thing about it and one bad. So let us discuss the good thing first (because you are already fed up with keeping the tasty foods away).

The Good thing about the Cheat Diet

Think about it as a reward for following & sticking to the weekly diet plan.

Yes, a reward for behaving like a good boy (or girl)! You can treat yourself to a meal with ANYTHING. Yes, almost anything, be it the desert, fresh juice, or ice cream or even that chicken or meat dish!

The Bad about this Cheat Diet

It lasts for only ONE meal.

Remember, it is a reward for going on a diet plan.

The benefit of Cheat Diet

It re-energizes your body and mind. You always look forward to that meal, that one meal which allows you to gorge on most favored dishes. It keeps your enthusiasm going forward and, even though you are not happy eating the boring diet food, this cheat diet gives the break, breaking the monotony.

This cheat diet also peps your mind and body. Appetising smell, flavor, aroma and the tasty look are relished by your eyes, you start salivating and the body gets eager to have it. As you savor the moment and so does your body and all of the organs. For that moment, your body & mind forgets what all you had for that last week and celebrates in its own style.

The Do’s and Don’ts of this Cheat Diet

Every liberty comes with its own bells & whistles, regulations and allowances. Isn’t it? Well, for the Cheat Diet to prove worthy, you need to follow some rules.

Don’t Worry, there is nothing which will dampen your spirits. We just tell how you can maximize your Cheat Diet and also avoid ANY SIDE EFFECTS. You are on a diet for some special purpose, and, if this Cheat Diet of yours spoils the objective, then it has no meaning.

So, we list here some suggestions, that not only make your cheat diet a worthy proposition but also aid in your objective. Right? So let us discuss them now.

The Do’s for your Cheat Diet

1. Identify a day for your cheat diet, say, Saturday Night. So you can enjoy normal meals with your family, and have a good sleep at night.

2. Always keep the same day plan for every week thereafter, so even your mind waits for the D-day and helps you follow the boring diet for the week ahead.

3. To burn off these excess calories, go for an extra round of weight lifting so that your body now craves for those calories you will be gorging on Saturday night.

4. Choose the dishes which are tasty, BUT NOT difficult to digest.

5. Make sure you have a healthy dose of whey protein powder so that you have fewer calories YET enjoy to the fullest

6. Eat some veggies with fiber which will help you clear your bowels the next day.

7. Intermittent fasting is also recommended, which goes well, along with your cheat meal. This will ward off from extra calories from the cheat meal.

8. Most important

9. Make a list of all the goodies you miss, and, include one small portion in your cheat meal. For example, if you love a chocolate bar, keep a small piece in the list so that you do not miss.

The Don’ts list

Remember, this cheat meal is for only ONE time in a week. Do not have more than once, else you might lose the main benefit, like weight loss.
Eat only the amount you would in a meal, do not stuff yourself.

Remember to have protein in your cheat meal, or at least during the day so you do not lose on your muscles.

This cheat meal will also be there the next week, so keep some goodies for the next week. Alternating between your choicest dishes is the best way to go.

If possible, do not spend your time after a gym session in an idyllic way, that is, do not lie down the whole day. Try walking or doing some household chores so that you burn a few extra calories.


Cheat meals help you maintain interest in otherwise boring diet plans. Just like you offer a kid some sweet before having a bitter pill, similarly, you can put this carrot in front, for the grueling week ahead eating not-so-attractive diet. Choosing your cheat meal plan diligently, you can not only maintain your purpose but also get it done easily.

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