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Unexplored Beaches in Africa

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Africa is full of beaches, beautiful, serene and many unexplored. From Namibia to the Kosi Bay, Africa has more beaches than you can ever count. And many of them are still untamed. When you visit Africa, you will be directed to the beaches that are popular.

The beaches I am going to tell you about are not the kinds of swimming or beach surfing, but they have a uniqueness, beauty, and tranquility in them. And that sets these beaches class apart. Below are some of the best Beaches in Africa.

IIha Beach

IIha beach is in the Island of Mozambique, a jewel that is still undiscovered. It lies off the Northern coast of Mozambique and is known for its white coral sand along with crystal-clear water and coral reefs that stretch along the Indian Ocean. The island is magical and breathtaking.

La Digue Island

On the island, you can expect a laid-back and unhurried way of life. Here you won’t see many cars, malls or highways. You will have to take an ‘ox taxi’ or a bicycle for exploring this immaculate island which is one of the most unspoiled places in Africa.

Here you can discover private coves that are gorgeous and enjoy the sublime turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The sand here is like caster-sugar and there are massive granite boulders of Anse Source d’Argent to enjoy. This beach is renowned for being the most photographed beach in the world.

Here is a cozy and private getaway at a mere two minutes’ walk from the beach. It has two restaurants that offer a signature dish each with Creole and Asian influences.

Grotto Beach

This 118 km of the blue sandy beach has been left unexplored because it lies outside of Hermanus. There is a little road that can take you to this untouched beach. It is a wonderful place to go swimming, bodyboarding etc.

Also, it has a park for kids so they can have fun as well. And it has mountains in the background that gives this African beach a mighty touch.

Noetzie Beach

Noetzie is also known as the beach of the castles because you can find many castles here. It is a secluded cove with stunning beaches and is a part of the Noetzie Conservancy. The beach has its own story as a holiday retreat.

The horse-drawn carts originally brought farmers here from places like Knysna and Oudtshoorn for holidays. And today, it lies unexplored, waiting to be in the limelight for everything it has.

Shelley Bay

This place isn’t as much knows as other beaches. It has a sandy strip with a high rock on either side. The slope seems to be sloping in towards you. The strip with rock walls shelters the bay that makes it feel like it is cut off from the entire world.

It feels like a different world altogether. And it is small enough to be referred to as a tidal pool. If you want to escape the harshness of the world, this place is a perfect hideout due to its anonymity.

Here you can take a leisure walk over the sand dunes or through the milkwood forest which is situated in the Joan Muirhead Nature Reserve. This will add to your romance and privacy.


This beach in east London isn’t really a secret but is quite unexplored. As the name suggests, it is situated over the Gonubie River and is approximately 20 km away from East London.

This beach has many tidal pools, lagoons, and wooden walkways. You and your kids can discover sea creatures and collect shells on the beach.

Behind the beach is a village that is very laid back. So, if you want to explore a place at a leisure place, this is it for you.

Rooi Els

Kogelberg Biosphere, on the tip of it, is Rooi Els. This is an unexplored seaside village which is one of the four little towns on Route 44. The beach here has a unique layout that provides safe seaside swimming, shellfish diving, and fishing.

You can spot the Cape clawless otter there in a lagoon and in the background of this beach looms Hangklip. You will definitely love your time in exploring this beautiful beach in Africa.

Elands Bay

This bay lies at the three hours’ drive from Cape Town and yet it is not much explored. This beach with the undeveloped coastal town is really long, almost endless. And it is beautiful.

The coastal wilderness of Elands Bay soothes the soul and relaxes your mind. Here you can find the surfing beach of world-class and can watch the gulls throwing the mussels on the rock to open them up.

Such beauty and serenity that offers thrilling activities as well, it is a wonderful combination. Here you can relax and escape from time and reality while feeling alive and experiencing the thrill.

Smitswinkel Bay

The bay stays hidden at the base of a cliff that lies on the bend before the Cape Point Nature Reserve. And that’s why this beach is found by a few only.

Though the path to tramp down to the beach looks inaccessible, it isn’t as difficult as it looks. But it drains your energy and your return will be a struggle.

But when you reach there, you will realize that it is worth all the effort. You can’t swim in here, but you can spend some beautiful time. It is a perfect place for a getaway from the rush of everyday life with a lot of privacy.


It is virtually flawless and very secluded beach. Set on the edge of the  Hluleka Nature Reserve on the Wild Coast, the beach is bounded by coastal forest. You can hear the calls of the monkeys and birds from these forests.

It is perfect for long walks and you can enjoy picnics as well. You can watch dolphins and whales here and collect shells along with fishing. This is the kind of place you would never want to leave.

These are a  few unexplored beaches in Africa but these are just a fraction from the list. You can enjoy these beaches and the serenity and privacy of them.

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