Top tips for finding a leather jacket with the perfect fit

Top Tips for Finding a Leather Jacket With the Perfect Fit

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Are looking to buy a traditionally stiff-fitted leather jacket or want to go for the oversized fad that’s in rage nowadays? There is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a genuine leather jacket. After all, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Indiana Jones, Hollywood ‘it’ girls and fighter pilots have all managed to look super cool in a leather jacket!

Not to mention that the right leather jacket is a very versatile piece that will go well with almost everything in your wardrobe. Wear it to work, or while clubbing out with friends, the options to style a leather jacket are endless.

But buying a genuine leather jacket is a tricky matter, much like all good investments out there. You’ll have to look for a leather jacket that not only looks good on the display shelf but also drapes on your body flawlessly.

If there is one thing you can’t compromise on while buying the perfect leather jacket, then that is the fit. Nothing looks worse than an ill-fitted leather jacket, no matter how much money you’ve spent on it.

An ideal and well-tailored leather jacket slips on like a second skin and will compliment your body type rather than showing off unnecessary bumps here and there.

The truth is, if you want to own a stylish leather jacket and wear for years to come, then you should know how to do it right. Keep reading to learn more about what things to keep in mind while shopping for a leather jacket with the perfect fit:

1- Check the fit

As we mentioned earlier, a leather jacket has to be worn to see how nicely it sits on your shoulders. The ideal leather jacket should be a snug fit but not overly tight. Keep room for layering it over a cardigan or a thick jumper underneath.

In short, beware of ‘the hulk look.’ You don’t want your body ripping out of the fabric and the shoulders ripping if you dare to lift your arms.

Visit your favorite leather skin shop and check out various leather jackets on display. Don’t rush into buying one. Especially if you are buying a genuine leather jacket, you will need time to break in. Like leather shoes, jackets have to be worn a couple of times before they adjust according to your body.

So pick a slightly snug one rather than one that’s too big. Here are pointers you should remember while going leather jacket shopping:

  • Always try your leather jacket over a thick shirt or jumper underneath.
  • The perfect leather jacket should allow you to raise your arms over your head comfortably.
  • You should be able to insert two fingers effortlessly between the leather jacket and your body.
  • Most importantly, the shoulders of the jacket should fit fell and not look baggy.

2- Measure the sleeve length

While purchasing such a statement fabric, keep in mind that the jacket sleeves are of perfect length. After all, it’s not every day that you go out to buy a leather jacket.

The excess fabric around unnecessarily long sleeves can leave it looking sloppy. The ideal jacket’s sleeve should be slim and well cut and shouldn’t run past your wrist.

3- Sort the length

The overall length of the jacket actually depends on the kind of look you are aiming for. Whether you are buying a classic bomber jacket, a biker or a shearling- the lengths are going to vary. But unless you are aiming for Jack the Ripper look, we suggest you stay away from the oversized trench-coat look.

For ladies, we recommend for a cropped leather jacket or something that hits the waist. This is the ideal length and flatters all body types. Plus a waist length jacket would go well over jeans, skirts and even flared dresses.

4- Look at the details

The beauty of a leather jacket often lies in its hardware. If you’re feeling edgy, try a few spikes leather jackets to achieve the grunge look. Or if you want to invest in something more work-appropriate, then choose one that has the minimal hardware.

Before finalizing a design, look at the hardware details like the zips and buckles. They should be sleek enough to bring in some interest but shouldn’t overpower the piece itself.

5- Color

If you’re a one-time buyer, then we recommend you to buy a leather jacket in a neutral tone. Nothing can beat a classic black leather jacket, both for men and women.

If you’re feeling overly experimental, then go for deeper hues like merlot and deep reds. But stay away from brown because you don’t want to end up looking like Indiana Jones!

Buying a simple black leather jacket is the safest bet. Also, you won’t have to worry about the color clashing with everything you own.

You can’t avoid wearing a leather jacket as outerwear during the cooler months, so we recommend you to pick a color that compliments the rest of your ensemble.


A leather jacket is a must-have piece of clothing in every man and woman’s wardrobe. Wearing a leather jacket over any outfit makes you feel infinite times cooler and exudes a sense of power and control like no other garment.

During winters, use your leather jacket as a key component in layering over your gym jumper. For relatively warmer months, drape it over shoulders over a breezy summer dress. There are countless options to style your leather jacket. Read this blog by The Every Girl to get some serious style inspirations.

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