Top 6 Types of Sarees for Every New-Age Woman to Look Unique this Festive Season

Top 6 Types of Sarees for Every New-Age Woman to Look Unique this Festive Season

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We all know that India has a rich and diverse culture like no other country. Regardless of this massive diversity, almost every part of India is blessed with a larger than life heritage and rich culture. And when we speak about Sarees, they are the most important and beautiful garment which is worn by new-age women in every part of India.

As the festive season is going to begin in full swing in some time and the first outfit that comes into nearly every Indian woman’s mind is the six-yard wonder “SAREE”.

So, we have compiled the list of top six types of Sarees which every new-age woman must have in her wardrobe to rock this upcoming festive season.

Take a Look at The Top 6 Types Of Sarees To Look Stunning This Festive Season:

1 Chanderi Sarees:


Top 6 Types of Sarees for Every New-Age Woman to Look Unique this Festive Season


Chanderi sarees are traditionally from Chadneri, Madhya Pradesh and is created by using pure silk, cotton and zari fabrics. With an ideal amalgamation of luxe, quality and exceptional prints, Chanderi Sarees are considered to be the finest sarees that India has ever made.

These sarees are very popular for their handwoven fabric that is magnificently blended with the zari work. These sarees are easily available in both pure silk and pure cotton and are worn on all sorts of festive occasions. You will surely make heads turn by wearing a Chanderi saree this festive season!

2 Chikankari Sarees:

Chikankari is all about intricate and beautiful embroidery. This artful and creative embroidery work is extremely delicate and stunning and is exclusively done in Lucknow. Chikankari sarees are synonymous with architectural grace, cultural flair, social warmth and a constant love for the sociable living.

The sheer diversity of Lucknowi Chikankari saree work presently is more abundant than ever before.  Chikankari sarees are in huge demand by the celebrities in Bollywood and Hollywood, general urban masses and upper classes equally.

3 Banarasi Sarees:



Banarasi sarees are woven from a fine quality silk which is known as a Banarasi silk and are extremely famous across India and globally. Historically acknowledged for their unique and intricate embroidery and zari work, Banarasi sarees are very heavy because of its delicate brocade work.

These sarees are worn on highly joyful events and festivals for several years. Banarasi sarees are a favorite saree for the new-age brides due to its royal aura.

4 Bagru Cotton Sarees:

Bagru is one of the popular centers for hand block printing in Rajasthan, India located around 32 km west from Jaipur, India. Dabu printing is very popular in Bagru wherein ruined wheat, clay, gum, limestone and cow tarts are blended together and then printed on the fabric.

After that, the fabric is dyed and left to get dry in the sunlight. Presently different modern techniques and equipment are being used by an artisan to efficiently create beautiful Bagru cotton sarees. Bagru cotton sarees delivers an elegant and simple look to the new-age women and amplifies her beauty even more.

These sarees can be worn on any type of festive occasion and it also gives a perfectly professional look, which makes it a must-have office wear for new-age working women.

5 Chiffon Sarees: 



The term Chiffon came from the French word. This lightweight plainly is woven delicate fabric has changing twisting yarns, which give Chiffon sarees a slightly rough texture.

It gets a little difficult for the craftsman to handle this saree due to its rough texture and have to work inch by inch while sewing or doing embroidery work it.

Chiffon sarees are created by using synthetic fibers which can only be dyed using some special colors whereas the natural fibers can be easily colored using any shade of color.

Chiffon sarees are extremely soft and get easily compressible. Chiffon is glossier compared to the usual georgette saree having a smooth texture, which makes it a must-have outfit for women of all ages.

6 Gota Patti Sarees: 



Gota Patti work is a kind of beautiful metal embroidery which is originated in Rajasthan, India. The Indian cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, and Kota have been the epicenter of exclusively styled and performed Gota work on sarees.

Several intricate patterns are being created on Gota Patti saree through using the appliqué technique with metals such as gold, silver, copper and much more. It is done on to the edges of a saree fabric to create beautiful gotta Patti patterns.

This beautiful artwork lends its wonderful and surreal designs to colorful leheriya sarees, suits, lehengas, dupattas and a lot more.

Leheriya sarees with Gota Patti are one of the most adored sarees to be worn on different auspicious and festive occasions by women of all ages across India.

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