Three Best Strength Gaining Exercise

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Every gym rat has there two goals in mind for sure when they enter the gym, first is to get bigger and the second is… Three Best Strength Gaining Exercises Every gym rat have there two goals in mind for sure when they enter the gym, first is to get bigger and second is to get stronger, but how does one achieve that goal effectively and naturally?.

There are many different programs and plans with a bunch of different fancy exercises that will help you get stronger but only a few actually work, main reason why most of us never achieve our goal of strength is because we focus a lot more on the fancy stuff and isolation movements than focusing on the basics and compound movements. Below there are a few exercises that will help you get stronger faster.

Front Squat:

This is one of the most underrated exercises when it comes to strength and explosiveness, front squats mostly work on the upper front part of our legs and also abdomen because you can’t do front squats if you have a weak abdomen, this is an amazing exercise for power and explosion.


Deadlift is one of the basic strength training exercises and is also used to achieve a bigger stronger back and overall base of our body, if done correctly deadlift can do wonders when it comes to strength and power but if done wrong deadlift can injure your back in a bad way, so make sure to start weight lights if not moderate weights and focus more on the form instead of the movement itself.

Weights Pull-ups:

Pull-ups are a very common and simple exercise that is also very effective, most people don’t really focus on this as much as they should, for strength we can add weights to this movement and do low repetitions.

Pull-ups increase upper body strength also works on our back and bicep muscles and if done correctly with the weight you will see amazing results in your pulling power very fast, make sure to only use as many weights as you can handle and complete your repetitions with proper form.

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