Look Cool While Staying Warm This Winter

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Finally, it’s that time of the year which people love the most. Waking up in a warm and cozy blanket, enjoying coffee, numb fingertips – there are various reasons to love winter. However, you have to wear piles of clothes to stay warm which make you feel look less stylish and cool.

There is no secret that the winter season is challenging for clothes no matter whether you want to dress up for work, a hangout, or night party.

On the bright side, I have come up with 6 styles which will keep you warm while making you look cool. Check out the six cool ideas to rock this winter.

Try Mixing Up

Play with print in print and fill your winter wardrobe. Pick a tight dark color palette to match it with a printed jacket. For instance, go with the glimpse of orange underneath the quilted jacket which keeps you warm and makes you look cool when it’s too cold. Apart from that, the multi-color t-shirts/shirts with jeans is a great option.

Wrap It Up

As the temperature falls, the best savior in winter is a toastie sweater.

But don’t wear it on in a casual manner. Instead, this the season around your neck in a stylish way. It’s trendy to wear your knit like a scarf. You can go for open hair or a bun, both will make you look beautiful in this cold season.

As it’s winters, bright and dark colors are in fashion. Go for a pumpkin color coat or something like red or green. Whatever you choose, make sure that it looks good on you.

It’s All In The Layers

The shirt over trouser: this is one of the most loved styles but tricky to go for. Well, it’s all in your head. Just do it right and you will find out that it’s a lot easier. These cropped trousers work well with a mini skirt. Excited to wear it this season? Try it on!

Pyjama Party

Talking about myself, I don’t find anything more comfortable than pajamas. The best part it is socially fine to wear it even during the day. WOW! Wear it with a complete outfit like tuck your shirt into a high-waist for a stylish look. As not to make it look too homie, wear earrings which suit your dress the best and carry an elegant looking bag.

Super Sleeves

Statement sleeves provide warmth and make you look like a chic! Want a flare look? Tuck your sleeves and make it eye-catching for others.

Puffed Up

Have you noticed that puffed jackets are preferred by many this winter? If you haven’t got one then you should definitely try this stylish and warmer jacket. Go for red or any other feminine color and wear it with statement boots to look sexy.

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