KYC verification - Making the Internet a Safer

KYC verification – Making the Internet a Safer Place

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KYC verification services are like tech-based gatekeepers. In fact, they are smarter than usual gatekeepers as they can actually verify the credentials of any potential user that wants access to any centralized resource, platform or service portal.

Depending on the individual business needs of a company, a particular set of identity verification services can be utilized.

Some businesses take help from facial verification services, others opt for a simple phone and name verification. But all in all, a KYC verification software enable a particular business to ascertain crucial aspects of a customer’s identity before any service is offered or product is sold to that customer.

Online Criminal Activities

Online identity thefts and use of forfeited plastic cards for transactions is a common con job on cyberspace these days. Every year, companies lose billions of dollars by engaging with customers that either poses a false identity or use the counterfeit financial information to make online purchases.

Data breaches and hacking attacks are also at an all-time high with even large corporations like Facebook and Uber announcing data loss time and time again.

KYC verification services seem to be the answer to ward off such online attacks. It will ensure a secure access to resources that matter the most for companies and businesses.

Various Modes of KYC verification

KYC verification services have a come long way from merely collecting user information. Taking help from technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), KYC software has integrated multiple modes of verification.

Businesses can now perform multiple verifications using official identity documents and other related credentials. Shufti Pro is one such identity verification system offering multiple verification services and modes to complete those verifications. Some of the major modes include:

Off-Site Verification – Internet merchants provide customer data for verification to Shufti Pro.

Onsite Verification – Shufti Pro directly collects client information and verifies it.

InstantCapture – Customer just displays an official identity document and entire data is extracted from the document using OCR.

Global Approach for KYC

KYC software is adopting a global approach, again thanks to AI. This approach is also ideal for internet-based businesses that tend to cater traffic from not just one country or region.

Online businesses target a larger audience and with an appropriate supply chain mechanism in place, KYC verification delivers the ultimate advantage for such companies.

An online KYC provider that can validate identity and official documents from all the countries of the world, will not only have success in servicing clients from all over the world but the customers of such a service will be best suited to take their operations global as well.

Shufti Pro is one such ingenious KYC product that can verify the identity of every person in the world because of its Universal Language Support and availability in every country of the world.

After all, the internet was meant to connect a global audience and bring closer technologies of the future with the least possible hassle.

So it can be said safely that with the help of a KYC verification service, internet in general and online marketplace, in particular, can be rescued from the menace of online fraud and identity theft.

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