How to Challenge UK Visa Refusal

How to Challenge UK Visa Refusal

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The Home Office receives thousands of UK visa applications from Pakistan each year out of which majority of UK visa applications get refused from Pakistan. There are multiple reasons for UK visas refusal, applying with irrelevant and incomplete documentation being the foremost. It is also observed that many UK visa applicants from Pakistan apply in a wrong UK visa category, though having a genuine purpose of visit, resulting in UK visa refusal.

Apart from Spouse visa the UK and UK family permit applications, all other UK visa categories have no right of appeal but the refusal decision ultimately could still be challenged in the Upper Tribunal of Immigration and Asylum.

How To challenge UK Visa Refusal

Challenging UK visa refusal requires an experienced UK immigration lawyer who has the expertise in lodging UK visa refusal appeal in the Upper Tribunal by way of Judicial Review. UK Visa Consultants is one of best UK immigration lawyers thoroughly study clients’ refusal, understand and work on the grounds of UK visa refusal appeal.

Our highly competent UK immigration lawyers and barristers provide full representation to the clients for a judicial review in the UK. It should be kept in mind at all times that an ECO (Entry Clearance Officer) is not biased towards any applicant and only approves or refuses UK visa applications on merits.

In this article we would like to shed light on the major causes of refusal for the most likely opted UK visa categories from Pakistan and how the UK visa refusal challenge could be made.

UK Business Visa refusal:  As the private sector is expanding in Pakistan, the establishment of new businesses and educational institutes is on the rise. Young entrepreneurs, teaching faculties, medical researchers etc. travel to the UK for attending training workshops, educational seminars, and business conferences and apply for Business visit visa UK from Pakistan.

With complete reliance on the invitation letter from the sponsor, not providing sound bank statements and ample proof of showing strong ties with Pakistan, UK Business visa refusal becomes certain.

Considering the eco-political situation and undocumented economy of Pakistan, it is recommended to hire services of a credible UK immigration lawyer for strong UK Business visa application or refusal challenge in the Upper Tribunal.

Though the ECO does not grant the right to appeal for UK business visa refusal, the decision could still be challenged with the help of an expert lawyer. Strong grounds of appeal are required which could be professionally prepared by seasoned and experienced UK immigration lawyers.

UK Visa Consultants is a team of highly qualified UK immigration lawyers and barristers who have more than 15 years of experience in representing clients’ case for Judicial Review.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Refusal:

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa UK is a settlement route introduced by the government to encourage immigrants to invest at least £ 200,000 in the UK economy by setting up businesses and creating employment for the residents in return of permanent residence.  

Tier 1 visa UK application from Pakistan are largely refused due to weak business plan with low feasibility and credibility, incomprehensive cover letter and weak visa application. Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa UK like other UK visa categories does not have a right of appeal.

However, it could be challenged by the way of Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal in the UK which would require the applicant to engage services of an expert UK immigration lawyer, if the administrative review has been exhausted without success.

To optimize the chances of success hire UK Visa Consultants as our team is apt for making the application or challenging Tier 1 Entrepreneur refusals.

Spouse Visa UK refusal: The Spouse visa UK refusal rates are quite high and it is a difficult visa route due to stringent visa requirements including £18,600 income threshold.

The Home Office is aware of the fact that many applicants who apply for UK spouse visa could be intending immigrants in the sham marriage. The ECOs are highly vigilant in case of Spouse visa UK application from Pakistan. UK Spouse visa refusal appeal could be lodged in the First-tier Tribunal i.e.

UK Immigration Courts as it has a right of appeal. However, the litigation process would require the applicant to hire a credible and highly qualified UK immigration lawyer to advocate the case on his/her behalf before the Tribunal for hearing.

The Process of Challenging Refusal:

Apart from Spouse visa UK and family permit of an EEA national, UK visa categories are not granted the right of appeal. However, the decision made by the ECO could be challenged by way of an administrative review application within 28 days or within 90 days of the date of UK visa refusal in the Upper Tribunal.

In case of no right of administrative review application, a pre-action protocol notice has to be sent to the Home Office informing them about the litigation against them to which they respond within 14 days.

Further to that, a permit application for Judicial Review is lodged in the Upper Tribunal to attain the permission to bring judicial review for UK visa refusal, which could be granted or accepted on papers and without any court hearing

The applicant can make a renewal of permit application for Judicial Review within 7 days of the first hearing. The Upper Tribunal of Immigration and Asylum Chamber then considers the case for hearing and if granted permission the Judicial Review is then listed for substantial hearing in the Upper Tribunal where the Home Office’s UK visa refusal decision is examined in accordance with the UK Immigration Laws.

If unreasonable denied a visa, the applicant is asked to submit the passport to the Home Office for UK entry clearance. UK spouse visa refusal appeal process would not require filing an application for the right of appeal, as it is granted one. However, the UK visa refusal decision would be challenged by the means of Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal for re-assessment of the refusal decision.

Challenging UK visa refusal requires an expert lawyer who has the experience and expertise in representing clients for Judicial Review. UK Visa Consultants is one of the best UK immigration lawyers and barristers who are well equipped and apt for challenging UK visa refusals.

Our reliable solicitors examine each refusal meticulously and prepare the grounds of appeal for challenging refusal in a professional manner.

UK Visa Consultants as having expertise in case handling and challenging refusals for more than 15 years advising clients with the accurate solution in their best interest.

We counsel our clients with the best suitable option e.g. whether to challenge the UK visa refusal decision or to make a fresh application. To explore the possibilities, it is best to take advice from an expert UK visa consultant.

An entire process is required from assessing the client’s documents, examining personal, familial and financial circumstances, preparing the grounds for challenging refusal, sending pre-action protocol notice to Home Office, lodging permission application in Upper Tribunal, representation of the case for Judicial Review.

UK Visa Consultants have a successful record of preparing strong grounds for challenging UK visa refusal and successful representation of clients during the substantive hearing.

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