How to Buy Pro Sports Tickets the Right

How to Buy Pro Sports Tickets the Right Way

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Professional sports game tickets can be expensive. Many people never get to experience the atmosphere and excitement of getting to see their favorite team in person. No one should miss out on the comradery of cheering your team on to victory. ShooWin wants to offer you these helpful tips to get you in the stands with a hot dog in one hand and a drink in the other.

Use an online service

There are several online marketplaces, that are like box offices, designed for people who can not use their game tickets to sell them to others at a discounted price. These are called secondary ticket marketplaces.

These websites are great to find tickets for cheaper. How much cheaper often varies but you will most likely save a few bucks. The other great thing about these websites is you are offered some protection if your tickets turn out to be fake or you have issues at the gate.

Make sure to research different sites as some offer better deals than others.

Other websites to check out our Facebook and Craigslist. Also looking at forums for your favorite team is a great tool for finding tickets as well. These are not as safe as the secondary ticket marketplaces but they still offer a chance to get discounted tickets.

When using these websites make sure you examine the tickets thoroughly as this is key to getting a real and unused ticket. Pass on tickets that seem too good to be true.

Choose a less desirable game and seats

For really popular games, the tickets will sell at a higher price because of the demand. Finding and attending games that might have lower attendance is a great way to save on ticket prices. This might be due to the opponent your team is playing. If your teams opponent is nationally popular, or a winning team, the tickets may be more expensive.

Most sports venues will lower ticket prices when attendance is projected to be low. They want to get people in the stands. Many times there might be a promotion going on the same day to increase attendance as well meaning you can score some awesome team merchandise.

If your sports team plays during the week, this could also save you money. Weeknight games are less desirable due to obvious reasons. Some games are long and people have to work the next morning. However, if you are looking for a cheaper ticket, a weeknight game is going to save you money compared to attending a weekend game.

Paying attention to where your seat is located can also help cut some cost. Many people have preferences of stadium seating but if you want to get cheaper tickets to a game then picking less desirable seats is the way to go.

The “nosebleed” section isn’t all that bad and you get a birds-eye view of the action making sure you don’t miss a play. In some sports arenas and stadiums, the less desirable seats also offer more personal space due to a smaller crowd of people.

Search for discounts

Sometimes sponsors or the team may offer discounts for tickets to certain games. Check out their websites or listen to local radio stations to find these great deals.

Often times tickets are given at discounted prices when buying as a group. If you know several people who want to go to the game try to pool your resources together and buy tickets as a whole rather than individual. Just make sure to add people you can sit through an entire game with as you will be sitting next to each other for a while.

If you are willing to risk not getting seats next to the people you want to enjoy the game with, buying single tickets may also offer you some savings.

Single tickets are often unwanted due to people enjoying the game with their friends or family. This means that single tickets could be cheaper but you will most likely be apart from your group.

Wait until the day of the game

Waiting until the day of the game could be risky. If it is a popular game most likely the box office will be sold out. However, if it’s not a popular game there is a chance they will have cheaper tickets to sell in order to get people in the seats.

If the game is sold out, inevitably there will be people outside the arena or stadium selling tickets, the infamous scalpers. In recent years, several stadiums and arenas have created scalp-free zones.

These are zones monitored by team staff for people to sell their unused tickets. Staff will be in the zones to help provide some protection to the buyers. They are able to check the authenticity of the tickets before buying them.

Keep up on the team and sponsor’s promotions

Many sports teams run promotions during certain games. This is often for merchandise that is given out to a certain number of fans that arrive at the stadium on those game days. This is a great way to get free merchandise. This is often found on your team’s website.

Also look into who sponsors your team as they often run promotions as well that includes signed pictures, merchandise, and discounted tickets. These are usually local companies such as grocery stores, radio stations, large and small businesses. Many times they will advertise in the paper, on their website, or on the radio.

Joining your team’s fan club can also bring in some savings. You will be the first to hear about any promotional offers and can often earn points toward cool prizes.

Some fan clubs require a nominal fee to join. Doing some research on the benefits the club compared to the price is important to make sure the savings outweigh the cost.

Finding a great deal on sport game tickets is the way to go. This helps you save money to use in the stadium, or arena, or to just put back into your pocket.

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