How Telegram is Changing the Landscape of Online Messaging Application

How Telegram is Changing the Landscape of Online Messaging Application

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Online Messaging Application

Telegram messaging application had a whopping 200 million active users and this data is for the month of March 2018. Now, there are lots of messaging applications out there over the internet. However, very few of them are worth using and one such is Telegram.

This application is available for iOS, Android, and Windows app stores. Also, you can use this messaging service on your laptop or PC.  Telegram is without a doubt is one of the more popular and powerful messaging applications at the present moment.

Telegram VS WhatsApp

A staggering number of people use WhatsApp as their messaging application. But, someone who has had the experience of using both these messaging applications will rate Telegram much higher than WhatsApp.

Simply because Telegram has some features that really gives it an edge over WhatsApp. Using Telegram is absolutely free of cost. You don’t even need balance to talk to your friends. Moreover, you can join groups and make friends all over the world.

Limited Shareable Video Size

You use messaging applications in order to share your photos and videos with your loved ones and friends. While sending a video in WhatsApp, you must have encountered the problem of the limited size. Yes, that’s right, WhatsApp allows you to send video files with the size of 16MB or less.

Now, that is a huge problem. With the high-resolution camera of the present smartphones, a video captured for about 60seconds will have the size of 50MB or thereabouts. So, sharing your captured moments in motion is a big problem there.

Telegram Solve the Problem

If you use telegram, then you will know that a Telegram user doesn’t face this problem. In Telegram, you can send video files of around 1.5GB which is fantastic. You can share your heart out in this messaging application. Also, the data consumption is a problem that Telegram solves.

Many of you might have a limited amount of data which you would like to spend wisely. However, there is a way you can modify the settings and reduce the consumption of data while uploading and also downloading the files at Telegram.

Telegram Groups

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Telegram is its group. In most messaging applications or social media platforms, while joining a group, one needs the permission of the admin. Without the permission of the admin, it becomes almost impossible to join the group if it is a closed group. However, in Telegram, you don’t need the permission of an admin to join a group.

This is one such feature that sets it apart from other messaging and social media platforms. Though one thing must be noted here and that is the feature of WhatsApp is quite similar as well. If you want to join a Telegram group, then you just have to click the group link and you will be redirected to that particular group.

Community Empowerment

At this present age, one hugely important thing is the community empowerment. If so many people raise their voice for a particular cause then any agenda will be successful. In messaging and social media platforms, these communities are called ‘Groups’. So, the length of the group matters because the stronger the voice becomes, the more you get closer towards transforming this world.

Telegram allows you to have larger communities or groups. Here you can add 100,000 members in one single group. Also, there is no limit to the number of members you can add in one group.

Types of Groups in Telegram

When you create a group, you should always keep in mind the reason you are creating it in order to avoid chaos. You should have a clear cut idea on who should the members of your group.

For example, in a group created for your family members, you would not want to have your friends, or colleagues, or ever business associates getting in because you want that group exclusively for your family members.

Just like that, you would like to have a separate group for the different parts and shades of your life. In this regard, Telegram groups can be very useful to you. You can also use it to coordinate with your team and business associates.

Join Telegram Group Anytime

Some Telegram groups can be very entertaining. If you are a member of such groups, one thing is to rest assured that your life will never be boring again.

The members keep sharing photos and video and keep you entertained all the time. And the best part is you can join a Telegram group anytime you want. The only thing you require to join the group is a link which you will get by searching online.

Final Thoughts

Telegram is an application that is changing the way you looked at an online messaging application. With its staggering number of active users and also with its updated versions, Telegram will surely take its popularity to the next level.

Right now it is one of the most popular messaging applications and the way it is empowering the group messaging, it won’t be long when it gets the tag of the best online messaging application.

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