How Do You Feel About Receiving Lingerie as a Gift From Your Man

How Do You Feel About Receiving Lingerie as a Gift From Your Man

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Women love being showered with gifts. Who wouldn’t, especially if the gift is coming from the love of her life and is something that makes her feel special. She is ecstatic when the gift shows her how much the man loves her and is besotted by her. The icing on the cake is when the woman receives a sexy gift which could be anything from a gorgeous dress to getting lingerie as a gift.

 There were times when men could not even fathom gifting lingerie to their lady for various reasons. The primary one was the entire process of buying bras being kept almost too clandestine and with lingerie not being hailed as something that celebrates the feminine side of the world.

The winds of modernization and lifestyle changes touched upon the world of lingerie too and men started exploring the option of gifting lingerie when it came to selecting an out of the box gift for their love.

Where buying lingerie is an experience that makes the man feel closer to the woman, it arouses a whole host of emotions in a woman. A penny for her thoughts, eh?

He doesn’t just enjoy the moments but he actually looks at  me too

When a woman receives lingerie as a gift from her man, the very first thought to cross her mind is this one. The very fact that he bought something that is worn by her before they both embark on their passionate moments, makes her realize that he appreciates her body with clothes on as well, even if the clothes in question are lingerie.

An indication that he loves foreplay too

Gifting lingerie to a woman is an indication to her that her man would want to spend some time teasing her and engaging in foreplay rather than just ‘doing the job’. Lingerie builds up the mystery before a woman indulges in passionate times with her partner.

He spent some time buying that perfect gift for me

Lingerie is not something one can buy like flowers or chocolates. Buying a sexy gift like bras for his lady involves a fair amount of work. He will first have to get her size from her closet while she is not watching.

He then will have to spend a fair amount of time deciding upon the types of bras he wishes to buy for her and then dwell on the print and fabric of the same.

The same amount of legwork would be needed for selecting the perfect pair of panties for her. It brings on a sense of elation for the woman to realize that her man cares for her truly by spending the time to pick out such a thoughtful and sexy gift for her.

He loves me and relishes appreciating and celebrating my body aesthetically

He loves seeing her in the bras that he has handpicked for her and she would also like to wear them for him in her alone time with him. Once she wears his chosen lingerie when she is with him, the look of appreciation in his eyes is sure to ignite flames of love between the two of them, flared on by the sexy gift acting as the catalyst.

My bond with him is special

Gifting lingerie is an intimate thing that a man does for his woman. It is his way of saying to the woman that he loves her truly madly and deeply and wishes to spend his fabulous moments with her in a special way. He has taken his relationship with her to the next level where the two of them can bond with each other.

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