How Can A Student Avoid Procrastinating?

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The cause of great distress and annoyance in a regular student’s life is procrastination. We know what we should be doing, but we delay that anyways. We’ve all been through it where we push the tasks to the very last minute. And then we are forced to complete that very task by pulling a stressful all-nighter.

It gets hectic completing an assignment or any delayed task just the night before its submission date. It requires cups after cups of coffee to keep oneself awake and finish the dreaded work. Procrastination can lead to such sleepless and dreadful nights.

“Stop procrastinating “can be an understatement. It like saying stop sleeping with your eyes open. Procrastinating isn’t something that the students choose for themselves. It’s something that they’ve always just done. 85% of the students start studying just as the time comes close.  

This is why students are left at the discomfort of the last hour. But here in this article, we will talk about some of the tips that can help crush procrastination.

Get Rid of Distractions:

One of the most important things is that you get rid of all the things that distract you. It’s high time you stop fooling yourself that you’ll get any closer to reaching your exam preparations done with your friends. Preparing for examination with friends sounds all fun, but it’s one of the most distracting things you can ever do.

It diverts your attention even more. You’ll be distracting as you have to interact with a group of people. It can also be demotivating for you seeing your others friend’s progress.


Sometimes it so happens that your friends might be revising something that you haven’t even started and that can give you a feeling that you’re behind them. This feeling can lead to demotivation, and it creates distractions.

It’s time that you stay out of all these things. Cut all the group study sessions and most importantly cut off from all your social media applications. Put your phone on silent and just study. Try to study in an uncluttered and clean space. As they say; a mess around you is equal to a mess in your head.

Make a Timetable:

The most efficient way to keep up to date and get your tasks done on time is to create a timetable.  Working as per your timeline can help crush procrastination. It is the way you can get all your work done and still have time left at the end of the week to enjoy and be all lay or stay in bed all day.

It will also Dissertation Help you be more flexible, as you’ll have a lot of work for someday than the other. It’ll teach you how to juggle through all of that and be flexible.

Take a Break:

Taking breaks is the essential part while crushing procrastination. It’s critical to give your mind some rest. Mental peace is as vital as real peace and wellbeing. Taking short breaks is necessary. You can talk to someone at that time or watch something on your phone.  

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