Five Big Zinnia Flowers for a Busy Butterfly Garden + Growing Tips

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Zinnia flowers are best for the full blooming butterfly garden and a favorite of monarchs, hyper winged hummingbirds, and swallowtails, however not all zinnias attract butterflies.

Dwarf varieties attract fewer butterflies and double bloom make it difficult for butterflies to access the nectar, you can make a border of shorter zinnias for larger zinnias it will look more attractive and appealing to eyes.

Zinnia species comes into wide variety and colors and you can purchase mix or a color of your choice.


Here are the five large species of zinnia flower you can plant in your garden if you want to hear the comforting sounds of butterfly wings:

Flower one – zowie yellow flame zinnia

This is a vibrantly colored flower and eastern tiger swallowtails and monarchs are the frequent visitors of these, this flower is called the “beauty queen” of the zinnia flowers group, it comes in bright yellow, reddish orange, and passionate pink color, it grows to almost three feet tall a little less than other varieties. This variety can have hybridized with other zinnia varieties so buy t from a reliable vendor, not a local gardener. You might be interested in roses that last a year

Flower two – tall state fair zinnia mix

It has the sweet taste so zebra swallowtails are the butterflies which love to hover over these, this variety grows 4 feet tall and has a flower of 5-6inch in width, during the very first year you will see such blooming flowers.

Flower three – California giant zinnias

This is the flower which will attract all the butterflies in the surroundings, this is a large flower and blooms to its full and we can see lots of butterflies in our garden.

Flower four – binary’s giant zinnias

This will attract both the butterflies and the bees in your garden, in their description you will find they are double bloom they are a sight to watch, very beautiful flower, when you look closely you will find that nectar is accessible to the butterflies and it keeps on growing and butterflies comes back again and again. Benary’s is the king as it takes the crown for being flawless.

Flower five – dwarf zinnia

This is a very popular variety after California zinnia but they require large amounts of water and weather condition must be good for it to grow, the flower is small and less showy but they are a nice addition in the garden and attract butterflies. They come in the variety of appealing to eye colors.

Growing tips for the zinnia flower

⦁ Start the process of planting by buying seeds and start planting them indoors first so they are ready in future to plant outside.

⦁ Large varieties should be spaced 2 feet apart.

⦁ Do not water overhead.

⦁ Use slow-release fertilizer for more growth.

⦁ Do not crowd them or they will develop powdery mildew.

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