Everyday Carry (EDC) knife important for everyone isnt so

Everyday Carry (EDC) knife important for everyone

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The size and weight of the EDC knife are optimized to never clutter you. Thus, the blade often measures less than 7cm, even if there are exceptions. The blade should not be too small to be as functional as possible.

How to choose the best type of blade for an EDC knife? The supply is plethoric in terms of knives, and it can be difficult to navigate. If we consider only its utilitarian dimension, the best EDC knife should be as versatile as possible.

An EDC knife should be as comfortable as opening a package, cutting rope, cutting a piece of wood, drilling, peeling, cutting bread or any other food on a board or plate.

Hultafors GK knife

It stands with a blade thickness of 3mm wider than the majority of Mora, a rounded blade back allowing the use of fire steels, a more pronounced guard, and a still lower price.

The 94 mm long blade is made of Japanese carbon steel with a hardness of 58-60 on the Rockwell scale. The moisture is of Scandinavian type, with a small secondary moisture.

Sog Cash Card: the credit card size knife

The SOG cash card knife is aptly named: folded, as it is exactly the width of a credit card (8.6cm). Side thickness, on the other hand, is another story because the non-removable belt clip gives it a thickness of 10mm.

So do not expect to drag it into a credit card slot in your wallet. The blade is 8Cr13Mov steel, a mid-range steel quite correct.

Multifunction forceps Ganzo G302-B

In addition to the knives, the Chinese brand Ganzo also offers in its catalog several multifunctional pliers. The G302-B special edition model we are talking about today belongs to the full size, multi-tools range.

It indicates that this type of Every Day Carry knife is supplied with an adapter and a set of additional tips.

The G302-B includes the following tools: smooth blade knife, serrated knife, can opener, bottle opener, stripper, screwdriver, scissors, saw, reamer punch, wire cutter and an adapter with 11 bits.

The construction of the G302-B, steel 440, the clip itself has no perceptible play, and only a few tools present a tiny game, without affecting their use.

Sanrenmu 7056: an all-steel EDC with an industrial look

The 7056 LUF-SF model presented like a framework built entirely of steel, with a stonewash finish. Its weight is 111 grams for a closed size of 9.7 cm.

The nature of the steel is not mentioned on the blade, but it seems to be an 8Cr14MoV steel. Rare enough to be reported, the name of the designer is on the other hand on the blade.

Meanwhile, the steel used to design the best EDC knife is strong and rust resistant. The blades are lightweight. These are usually made of polymer a hard material extremely light and resistant to temperature variations.

Thus, EDC knives can be carried everywhere because it adapts perfectly to the extreme conditions.

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