Driverless Cars – What Will Be The Effects?

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Autonomous cars (cars without drivers) are not only a vision anymore, instead, it has nearly become a reality. The driverless cars are now in operation in Phoenix in Arizona. However, it is more like an experiment and these cars will be operated on specific routes but of course, this is going to be a big step.

On one hand, it will be one of the most awesome things about technology but what will be the effects of using driverless cars? Let’s have a look.

Positive Effects

– There will be lesser chances of injuries and accidents as an autonomous car will be operated by a computer system. Also, it will ultimately decrease the death rate because most people die in car accidents.

– These computer systems will be able to track a distance from another vehicle, stopping distance, and other important information. This will promote the discipline and safety of roads and vehicles.

– Although it can’t be predicted how many lives will be safe and secure there will be a noticeable downfall in human danger.

– The Forbes says it will be a cost saving time as well. As it will be a driverless car, drivers can do things like chatting with passengers, reading a book, or using a laptop without being worried about road safety.

– Another great thing about self-driving cars is they will solve the problem of high traffic as well as improve conditions and decrease commute times.

– People who are disabled and have to rely on others for transportation and assistance, driverless cars will be very beneficial for them.

– There are chances that higher speed limits will be allowed as long as there will be more self-driving cars on the road. As computers will be able to calculate distance and other vehicle operations, there will be no danger of faster speeds.

– According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, each human life values $9.2 million. When there is a lack of accidents and deaths in car accidents, there will be noticeable savings in health care costs and insurance costs.

Negative Effects

– Although it will be an autonomous car with a computer system, an education will still be a need for the driver’s part.

– These vehicles will be out of reach of most Americans because of its cost. According to a recent calculation, the computer requirements, engineering, power, and sensors are over $100,000. So, it is a question whether the auto industry will face benefits or decline.

– People who are good with car mechanism use good quality tools to get rid of car problems for the most part and save their time, energy, and money. However, it will be different for driverless cars as they will be based on a completely different mechanism.

– People will lose jobs who work in the field of transportation and there will be a major loss of many individuals which will affect the economy and increase deployment rate.

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