Can Whiter Teeth Improve your Smile With the Right Techniques, the Answer is yes

Can Whiter Teeth Improve your Smile? With the Right Techniques, the Answer is yes

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Can Whiter Teeth Improve your Smile

Not every single cosmetic dental clinic in Toronto performs teeth whitening in Toronto. For this very reason, new patients have to understand the different types of teeth whitening in Toronto. Patients need to be familiar with not only traditional bleaching, but also other forms of whitening, such as zoom, laser, and at-home kits.

Being knowledgeable about all this offers patients a range of solutions to whiten their teeth and brighten their smile.

When selecting a local cosmetic dental clinic to visit for whitening services, these are a few of the methods whitening specialists can use to complete the cosmetic work for patients visiting the cosmetic dental clinic.

Bleaching (a traditional whitening method)

Using this traditional bleaching method, a thick fluoride-based layer is applied to the teeth. This will stay in the patient’s mouth for several minutes, before being rinsed out with a fluoride rinse and water solution.

This method is the most common and has been in use for several years. It typically removes general yellow stains, black marks or spots, and other built-up plaque, which patients would like to cover up.

Laser whitening (not used in every clinic or office)

This is a common whitening method used today. A gel solution is placed on the patient’s teeth, which is left on for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. During this time, the dental professional will use a laser, and direct it over the treatment area, to penetrate the outer layers and enamel.

This will result in the pearly white smile patients want. Although quick, this process is not painless. Patients will experience minor discomfort during the process. Follow more post from my blog such as the health benefits of green tea.

Zoom whitening (a Licensed tool used for whitening the patient’s teeth in office)

This is very similar to the laser whitening method. It is also going to need a gel layer applied to the patient’s teeth, and the dentist is going to use a tool which is similar to a laser (the Zoom system, which is a patented system). The light will penetrate the teeth and enamel, helping to lighten and remove stains and whiten the teeth.

The gel will stay on the patient’s teeth for about 15 minutes during the process. Once completed, it is with a water solution, and certain offices will also use a mouthwash or rinse to help ease pain or discomfort the patient might feel after the treatment is complete.

At-home kits are another option. These come in the form of gels, whitening trays, or gauze/tape which is applied to the tooth’s exterior surface.

These are typically left on overnight, or for a few hours (this will vary for each kit) to get the desired level of whiteness. Although not as impressive as in-office services, the right at-home kit can truly help improve the appearance of your teeth and can whiten teeth for periods of six months to one year

There are different whitening methods that dental offices and clinics can use for patients. But, before choosing which one is right for you, patients should discuss all options and their benefits with dental professionals.

This is the only way to choose the ideal solution and to know you are going to see the desired results when having any tooth whitening care performed.

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