Break Down the Various Colors Meaning of Rose

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Roses are the perfect gift for everyone, but every rose has its own meaning, so it would be good to gift the roses according to its meaning. Have you ever think about the meaning of rose before you gift to your beloved? Roses are available in different color and varieties, and it is considered as the flower of love.

No other flower beat the importance of roses. If you are planning to give roses to your beloved ones or friends, then it would be good to know the meaning associated with the roses. Here are the various colors meaning of rose and they are

1.Red Rose

Break Down the Various Colors Meaning of Rose


Red rose is a symbol of love and romance. The red rose represents the true love, if you want to express your love, then the lovely red rose flowers bouquet or just a single flower is enough, along with the flower, you can add a romantic quote, it will express your love without saying a single word.

2.White Rose


A white rose is a symbol of purity, sympathy, spirituality, and innocence. White rose is also known as the bridal rose because it is the traditional wedding flower. White colors represent the pureness of love, virtue, and unity. White roses are associated with peace, honor, and reverence.

3.Yellow Rose


A yellow rose is for friendship, joy and gets well. This rose has one of the happiest rose color meanings. Yellow roses send a message of platonic love and appreciation without the romantic subtext. This color represents the feeling of delight and joy. You can send flowers to your beloved one, friends, colleagues or family members. To send flowers, you can take the help of the online portal.

4. Pink Rose


Pink roses stand for the gratitude and appreciation. Pink rose carries with it the connotation of sweetness and poetic romance as well as the grace and elegance. Pink roses are the traditional way to say Thanks. It is easily available in the market and used in the bouquets, one can easily choose the roses delivery option for any location.

5. Orange Rose


Orange rose is for desire, passion, and enthusiasm. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, yellow is for friendship and red is for love. That means, the orange rose is a perfect option to express the fascination or with this flowers, you can say “I am proud of you”. You can give the orange roses to your beloved to appreciate their work.

6. Purple Rose


Purple rose is for majesty, enchantment, and love at first sight. The dark shades of lavender rose are closer to purple. It conveys enchantment and also expresses the love at first sight. The purple roses are used to express the adoration and fascination. The purple roses look very beautiful and it is a great way to express your feeling without saying a single word.

7. Black Rose


Black rose is for farewell. The meaning of black rose is the death of feeling or idea. If you are sending black roses to someone that means, it indicated the death of the relationship. If you want to end a relationship with someone, then black roses are used. It is the color of death and farewell. Usually, there is a very less demand for the black roses because it has the negative meaning.

8.Lavender Rose


Lavender roses convey enchantments as well as it also expresses the love at first sight. The dark shade of Lavender rose is almost close to the purple color, and it conveys the sense of regal majesty and splendor. If you are giving single lavender rose to someone, then it means, “I am enchanted by you”.

9.Blue Rose


Blue roses are difficult to find and they are almost like the black roses. It is very hard to find out the blue rose naturally, so it represents the mysterious or the unattainable. The blue roses indicate “I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you”. These roses are rare to find, and usually, very fewer people gift these kinds of flowers to anyone.

10.Green Rose

Green stands for the life and energy. Green is the color of energy, life, growth, and renewal. Green rose sends a very cheerful message to the recipient and it will fill the energy into a receiver’s life.

Green color indicates the peace and tranquility. Green roses symbolize the best wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for the recovery of good health.

Here is the meaning of different roses, so now you can give the rose according to its meaning. Roses are perfect to convey your feelings and emotions, without saying a single word or sentence.

You can send the roses to your beloved, friends and family members on any occasion or without any occasion. You can take the help of the online portal to send the roses.

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