Are Women Allowed To Work In Islam? Get To Know

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When an Islamic woman steps out of the house to work, a society doesn’t give validation. Because most people have the same concept in their minds that Islam prohibits women to do so. However, this is not so true. Islam tells women to work in such a place where they don’t have to compromise on their honor and dignity.

Also, where she is safe and there is no fear of physical abuse. As the Messenger of Allah said (Peace be upon Him):

“A man is not secluded with a woman, but that the Satan is the third party to them.”

[Tirmidhi #1171 and verified]

And in another tradition,

A man said: “O Messenger of Allah my wife has gone out to go for Pilgrimage and I have been written to go for a military campaign.” 
He said: “Go and make Pilgrimage with your wife.”

[Bukhari #4935 & Muslim #1341 ]

Lady Cook, the well-known English writer says in New Echo:

“Men like (and prefer) the mixed environment. Thus, women are lured to something that conflicts with their human nature. The greater the co-ed. environment (between male and female), the more illegitimate children the society will have. There is the greatest disaster…”

“The system that has required women to work in factories and industrial areas, regardless of the national wealth it brings, has destroyed the family life. It has attacked, in fact, the basic structure and foundations of the home and destroyed the essential pillars of the family. It has cut and destroyed social ties as well.

Stripping the wife from her husband, and depriving children of their rights of proper, tender and maternal care, has resulted in lower moral values for the women. The real job and profession of a woman are to raise a good, sound and moral family. She is mainly required to take care of household responsibilities, home economics, and other domestic needs.

Work in factories has stripped the woman, as we pointed earlier, of all these responsibilities which changed the looks and the realities of the inner home. Children, as well, were often neglected and raised with no sound standards. The love and affection between husband and wife were somewhat extinguished.

The woman was no longer the sought, wanted, admired and loved by the man, after he got used to seeing her in the factory next to him doing the same thing he does. The woman came under many influences and pressures that changed her mentality and thinking pattern on which moral values and virtues were established.

In fact, the First Lady of South Africa calls for the return of the woman to the home saying:

“The most natural place for a woman is her own home. The main task and responsibility of a woman must be to care for her husband and attend to the needs of her children.”

She also said in an address to a women’s conference in the capital of South Africa:

“The main task and responsibility for a woman must be to care for her husband and attend to the needs of her children. This is our duty in the society. It is a duty in which we should take special pride as it produces successful men and sound generations.”

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