An App to Protect Your Kids from

An App to Protect Your Kids from Smoking

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Are you suspicious that your kid is a secret smoker? The underage smoking has become a serious concern around the world. Every single day more than 3200 teenagers light up their first cigarette and more than 1.5 million packs of cigarette have been purchased every year.

Many high school students start smoking as a fashion symbol but become addict to it at the end of the day. There are several health risks associated with cigarette smoking which include heart diseases skin diseases, lung and throat cancer. It does not end here.

The smokers die younger and their death is caused by smoking-related illness. In the United States, 1 in 5 deaths is due to smoking. Around 5 hundred thousand deaths have happened in America which is caused by smoking.

Parents are needed to monitor their children from the curse of underage smoking. If you are doubtful that your kid is the smoking addict, talk to him. Having a cool-minded conversation can help you dig out the facts.

If your kid admits, listen to him carefully so he can share his experience. Lashing out can prevent your kid from sharing the smoking practice.

Generally, teens do not inform their parents about their smoking. This prevents them from getting support to get rid of this curse. Parents who feel suspected about their kid’s behavior can take the support of mobile phone monitoring applications to become aware of the actual situation.

How Spy App Reveals Facts

The mobile phone spy application keeps parents updated about their kids’ activities in the real and cyber world. It lets you know where your kids are and what are they doing in real-time.

While there are several child monitoring and parental control apps rightly available, TheOneSpy can be recommended to non-tech savvy parents. It enables them to stay aware of their kids’ matters without worrying about anything.

Once you install the spy app on your kids’ mobile phones, you can monitor almost every activity performed on the mobile phone and in the surroundings of that mobile phone. It lets you know if your kid texts about smoking, makes drug party plans with fellows on social media or lights up a cigarette outside the home.

The cell phone tracking application lets you operate the cameras of the mobile phone of your children to see what is happening in the vicinity of the phone.

If your kid is smoking a cigarette or being offered a cigarette by someone, the spy app can take photos or make videos secretly from your kid’s own phone. Also, you can listen to the real-life conversations of your kids by turning on the microphone of their mobile phone.

Monitor Teens’ Drugs and Smoking Parties

Usually, teens and college goers start smoking in some private party where they meet other teenage smokers. Parents cannot supervise such parties.

However, the spy app enables parents to secretly and remotely monitor the teens’ private parties to prevent them from substance abuse and smoking.

You can be virtually present around your child by turning on the camera and microphone of their mobile phones. It shows you the entire events and every activity your kid performs at that party.

If you find your kid smoking a cigarette or being forced by someone to give it a try, you can call him right away to get back home.

Monitor Teens’ Social Media for Smoking Prevention

Usually, teens show off their smoking skills on social media by posting their photos and videos. Parents can track such photos by using the spy application. The cell phone spy app lets you track your kids’ Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Tumblr, Tinder, Kik, and other social messengers.

You can monitor your kids’ social media posts and conversations to get clues of smoking. Moreover, it lets you know if your kid is planning to attend a drug party or any other objectionable event.

The cell phone spy app lets you know if your kid is a secret smoker. Once you get enough evidence of his smoking habit, you can talk to him and help him prevent smoking.

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