Amusing Unique Birthday Cake Decoration for Next Party

Amusing Unique Birthday Cake Decoration for Next Party

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When you think of a party, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a celebration or a cake? It’s tough to decide because both of them are of equal importance in a birthday party.

You cannot have a celebration without a cake. Again whenever there is a birthday cake, there is the simplest celebration. Here are a few 10minuteideas of best cake décor for birthdays.

1) Edible Flowers Cake

Flowers are the most beautiful thing in the world. There is nothing more special than to use them in cakes. There are certain edible flowers that you can have the best idea from the florist.

You can use it as the decorative border of your birthday cake. But keep one thing in mind that is they all carry harmful fertilizers.

So, before using them in the decoration, do wash them well and dry them. Petals from organic roses and calendula are of vibrant colors. Besides, there are carnations and violas as well for the topping of the cake.

2) Sprinklers Cake

Sprinklers are one of the best birthday cake decorations. They are easy to find, smooth to place. Last but not the least, they are equally tasty. For this kind of decoration, you don’t need to have designer cakes.

All you need is a few scoops of your favorite flavors. It can be vanilla and chocolate- the best combination ever. If you are a fruitoholic, then fruit flavor scoops will rock.

Mold them into your favorite shape inside a bowl. Then the rest you leave on the sprinklers. The blast of colors will make it a grand celebration of your birthday.

3) Raspberry Cake

Raspberry is the best thing to make your milkshake or cornflakes better. And trying this on your birthday cake can be a very unique idea. A simple vanilla cake will be perfect to use this flavor.

Put a thick layer of raspberry cream frosting. You can make the cream in your house with ingredients. Or you can get them in good online stores. After the frosting of raspberry cream, decorate the cake top with cut raspberries.

4) Ice Cream over Cake

Cake and ice-cream are two completely different delicacies. But together they make a blockbuster combination. This is the easiest way to decorate your birthday cake. The best combinations are the contrasting one.

Like, if the cake is of strong flavor, keep the ice-cream of a light flavor. Never put both the ice-cream and the cake of the same flavor. This might ruin the cake and the celebration.

5) Dry Fruits Cake

To make the flavor of your cake dry fruits, the best is to choose a big donut cake. A donut cake with chocolate sauce is a very unique flavor. The final touching will be with the piece of dry fruits.

These might include Walnuts and cashew. Almond and other nuts finish the complimentary topping in the most perfect tone. It is best to order a birthday cake like this online to get the best quality.

6) Drippy Cake

A drippy cake is a very uncommon décor for a birthday cake. They are very rare and also are not available everywhere. First, you need to make a base cake of any flavor but preferably chocolate.

Make a contrast color and flavor layer on the top. Then place the drippy scoop of decorated ice-cream upon it. To make it more special, put a wafer cone on it.

7) Lollipops Cake

This can be the favorite flavor of the birthday kiddo who loves colors. First, make a solid base cake. Then layer it with your favorite frosting. In the end, highlight the border by sticking the lollipops inside the cakes.

Keep the bigger one for the center. When you cut the cake, make sure everyone get at least one of the lollipops. Thus, some might get their favorite flavors as well.

8) Edible Balloons Cake

It sounds a little surprising. But they are certainly not the plastic balloons. Gelatin can only make the perfect edible balloons on your birthday cake. You choose a smaller cake as the base.

Then make as many colors and shapes of gelatin balloons to do the topping. You can get varieties of gelatin balloons from birthday balloon delivery sites.

A cake is the heart of the birthday celebrations. Above decorations of the birthday cakes will make you each birthday party outstanding.

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