American Football in Morocco – Not Just a Man’s Game

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American football is a rough game and more interesting is that it is not only a men’s game. Yes, in Morocco, the country that is always called a conservative Muslim country, women of this kingdom are playing this game.

It is actually happening in Rabat, every Sunday under the hot shiny sun, these sweaty but tough young men and women practice American football with the coach, Ichtar Zahraoui. There are 30 players in the team and it is named as “The Pirates”.

It might make you think that there should be separate teams of men and women. Well, they are playing together because they lack resources. The coach of the team founded “The Pirates” in 2017 and he says that it is not so easy to provoke youth to learn this sport, it requires a lot of work, energy, and aggression.

Due to the lack of resources and support, they are bound to train in a plot and if it is also unavailable, they practice their game on the beach.

It all started in 2012 and till 2015 Morocco’s first women football team was founded “Black mambas” in Rabat. The coach is quite hopeful with the future of this game and she says that there is no problem regarding the conservative rules of the society.  Women in the team are loving the sport and many of them are convinced, the game actually teaches you self-control.


American Football in Morocco – Not Just a Man's Game


This whole has captured the media attention and now women are more powerful in the field of sport. Despite the Muslim conservative society, the sport never faced any backlash. There may be little but Morocco has moved on and accepted the freedom of women

I think this is an example that we need to set around the world. Muslims need to set new reforms for the women empowerment. The real power and respect that even Islam gives. So, ladies, no matter where you’re in the world, stop thinking about the odds.

If you have the skill, you play a sport that is apparently for men, come forward and get inspired by the Ishtar Zahraoui and don’t give up. There are many other stories too, you just need willingness and courage to step forward.

It’s high time to sit back and not to chase the dream. The world has moved on to the galaxies and we have no right to sit here and talk about the petty issues. The issues that might have no importance in the next 5 or 6 years. However, get on the road, make your own story, practice your belief and inspire the whole world with your energy and courage.

There are brave Muslim solo female travelers, making the history that world will remember. Get up and be like these women football team from Morocco.

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