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6 Maternity Tips for Colder Weather

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Pregnancy can be full of challenges regardless of the time of year. That said, winter comes with its own unique set of problems to add on top of what can already be a difficult time for a woman.

As the temperatures drop, you have to be more concerned about illness, and potentially icy conditions can make it more dangerous for you to get around. The following are 6 tips to help expecting mothers as they manage pregnancy during the winter months.

Mind Your Footwear

Walking on ice and snow can be dangerous enough even when you are not pregnant. However, the extra weight that comes with pregnancy can make it even easier for you to lose your balance.

If you want to stay safe when you go out walking in the winter, you should consider buying shoes that offer better traction. A pair of supportive boots can help you stay steady while also protecting your ankles and keeping you warm.

Along with shopping for shoes that have better traction and support, you could also consider buying crampons or traction cleats for shoes you already own. These easily clip on to your shoes and will help you grip the icy sidewalk. These are a good idea if you live in an area with lots of hills.

Buy a New Winter Coat

A good winter coat is one of the most effective ways to protect you from the cold. Even if you already have one, you might want to invest in a version that is designed to accommodate a pregnant belly.

Otherwise, you might need to leave your regular coat unzipped when you go out, which could leave you unnecessarily exposed to freezing temperatures.

Get Your Flu Shot

As a pregnant woman, you are more susceptible to common illnesses like the flu. Since getting sick can lead to hospitalization or complications with your pregnancy, you should make sure to get your flu vaccination this year.

Remember, it does take a few weeks for your body to develop the immunity, so it is recommended that you get the vaccine before the end of October.

Have Your Groceries Delivered

A simple trip the grocery store can be difficult enough when you are pregnant, but it gets even tougher when it’s cold and icy outside.

With each trip you take carrying heavy grocery bags from the car to the house, you increase the chances of you slipping and getting hurt.

Instead of doing your own grocery shopping in bad weather, you could place an order with the supermarket and have your items delivered. If your grocery store does not offer this option, consider online delivery services like Ship and Instacart.

Get Roadside Service

The rest of your life is not going to stop while you are pregnant, so that means that you are probably going to have to do some driving. Winter roads can be more dangerous and the low temperatures can increase the chances of a breakdown.

That’s why you should invest in a roadside service plan. With roadside assistance, you can rest assured that if anything happens when you are out on the road this winter, you can simply call for help.

Avoid Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow may not have been a problem in the past, but this is one activity that you should avoid while pregnant. Snow is heavy and you could easily hurt your back or slip while shoveling the driveway.

If you have a partner, they are going to have to pick up the slack and do the task instead. If you do not have a partner to help you with shoveling, it’s essential that you find a person you can pay to shovel your driveway and front path.

Pregnancy is full of exciting changes, which is why it’s so important to take care when the weather turns cold. Taking care of your health and protecting yourself against common hazards will help you ensure your journey is as stress-free as possible.

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