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6 Ideas To Stay Comfortable In The Workplace When Pregnant

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Pregnancy is one of the happiest phases of one’s life, but unfortunately, it can often turn into an uncomfortable affair. As your pregnancy progresses, be prepared for pains in places you never expected. All these bodily changes coupled with the hormones going haywire can set your work-life balance off the grid.

Even if you love your job to the core, it won’t always be the same when you’re pregnant. There will be days when you are nauseous, your back and legs ache or you simply want to stay in bed. Don’t lose hope in such situations and take a few steps to make your workplace a little more comfortable. 

Because you’re spending a huge chunk of your day in the office, here are 6 ideas that can help you make the workplace comfortable. These tips will ensure you have a smooth pregnancy ahead:

1- Dress comfortably

As your pregnancy progresses and you start showing ‘the bump’, you’ll run short of comfortable clothes. This is why once you cross that stage it is time to invest in good maternity wear.

Choose flowy dresses made of breathable fabric. You can layer together clothes with your favorite accessories so that your workplace look remains trendy yet comfortable. You’ll also need maternity lingerie to last you during the months to come.

For this, you can choose from a variety of maternity and post-pregnancy shapewear that gives a light compression to the abdominal area to support those muscles. A good maternity shapewear can even help you prevent the back pain.

Make a mental note to ditch the heels. Shop for comfortable flat shoes that give ample support to your swollen and tender feet. Most women go up a shoe size during pregnancy, so make sure you buy a pair that allows a little extra room.

2- Sit in a comfortable chair

Since you’ll be spending most of your time in the office chair, it is necessary to choose one that is comfortable and adjustable. Set the height of your chair so that your shoulders are not slouched and your knees bend at a ninety-degree angle. You can even use an office footrest or a wastebasket if required.  A good posture can save you from unnecessary body pains.

Make sure that the chair has a good backrest that curves to ‘fit your spine’. Use an extra pillow if it’s missing.

3- Keep a stash of healthy snacks

It is natural to feel hungrier than usual while pregnant. Divide your meals into 5 or 6 small meals. Make sure that you balance your food intake by taking a mix of lean carbohydrates, proteins, and calcium. Munch on light and healthy snacks such as nuts or crackers to prevent indigestion.

4- Stay hydrated

It is vital to remain very much hydrated amid pregnancy. Remember, dehydration can cause early labor. Drink plenty of water but in small sips, as you don’t want to make frequent bathroom trips. Avoid carbonated or flavored drinks as they contain no nutritional value. Go for plain water or lemonades to stay hydrated and fresh.

5- Stay away from toxic environments

It is important to realize that stress during pregnancy is a big no-no. It not only harms the mother, but it can also be detrimental to the fetus. Move away from any situation that may be a cause of stress. Practice breathing exercises to control your heart rate and keep anxiety and stress at bay.

Also avoid any unhealthy places, such as the smokers’ corner when you are expecting. Stay away from chemical fumes and other hazardous odors. Also, try to stay in a well ventilated and temperature-controlled environment.

6- Take frequent breaks

It is important to stand and stretch your muscles after every couple of hours. Sitting still for long periods of time can cause your legs to ache and reduce the blood circulation. You’ll end up feeling even more tired that way.

Be sure to stand and walk around every hour or so. Go to the ladies’ room and empty your bladder or walk to the water cooler and refill your bottle. Find reasons to move as it will keep you more active throughout the day.


Even if you’re going through a healthy pregnancy, there will be days when you’ll just want to skip work and stay in bed. To fight these situations, go through this head-to-toe guide which can help make your pregnancy more comfortable at the office. It contains a must-have list of items to keep those pregnancy woes at bay.

Do you have any more tips and tricks that can help pregnant women stay comfortable in the workplace? If yes, share them with us in the comments below:

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