5 Ways To Look Stylish At Workplace

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It is not easy to look stylish at your workplace every day. I always find myself asking the same question to myself “what should I wear tomorrow?” If you are a working woman, you definitely know what I am talking about. To get rid of this problem, I have come up with the latest fashion and styles that will help all the working woman.
Check out the following and help yourself looking sophisticated and stylish at the same time. Let’s have a look!

• Tailored Pencil Skirt.

It is easy to wear the dress which will make you look elegant for the workplace while saving a few morning minutes. Find a perfectly tailored pencil skirt which suits your legs the best.

• Ankle Length Slacks.

Mondays are hectic but you have to dress well anyway. An ankle length slack is a good choice. It doesn’t look bizarre at all and makes you look elegant.

• A Cotton Button Down.

If you want to look like Jenna Lyons then pick cotton button shirts and pair them with classic slacks. But make sure that you pick vibrant yet sophisticated hues because too many white cotton button down won’t do any good.

• Go For Blazer.

Wear it with a comfortable denim or as a part of the two-piece, it will make you look extraordinary in both cases. Stash it on the back of your office chair to combat the office.

• Denim for Fridays.

If you have to meet your friends at the bar right after working hours, choose denim. I am not telling you to wear distressed boyfriend’s jeans or a dandy one at the workplace. Instead, pick something which goes with your workplace and looks professional in a meeting. This way, you can slay at office and bar on the same day.

• A Day-to-Night Dress.

There can be a party invitation during weekdays and you can’t give excuses like “I have work to do,” right? Don’t miss happy hours just because you have to rush home after work to change. So, pick a dress which can make you look elegant in the workplace and fun-loving at your favorite bar.

• A Mix of Blouses.

Choose bright and happy colors for weekdays like Wednesdays and Thursdays, when you are so tired of your hectic week. A mix of colorful yet sophisticated blouses will make you look gorgeous regardless of how tired you are. You can try them with comfortable denim or classy slacks, however, you prefer.

• Knee Length Dresses.

Add a few knee-length dresses to your workplace wardrobe. There are a variety of knee-length dresses which you can wear at the workplace like a long sleeve polka dot dress or a floral design outfit. You can also go for a classy black address and don’t forget to wear black heels with it.

• Trench Coats.

If it’s a bit cold then trench coats are the best to wear. It makes you look stylish while warming your body in the cold weather. How about wearing a turtleneck paired with jeans and a trench coat? Sounds great!

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