5 New Ways to Wear Your Old High-Waist Styles

5 New Ways to Wear Your Old High-Waist Styles

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Remember the time when wearing ‘mom jeans’ was all the rage? Well, the 80’s look has made a comeback. Sadly, I do not own a pair but am about to purchase one online using my Frontier Internet Packages. You go get yours!


High-waist jeans, more popularly dubbed as ‘mom jeans’ are all the rage these days. Pairing up high-waist jeans with a tucked in blouse was a popular style back in the 60’s. When Marilyn Monroe flaunted this style in her 1961 movie ‘The Misfits’, it became a favorite look amongst the women.

However, the high-waist style did not remain constricted to the jeans. It was later introduced in shorts(when it became acceptable for women to flaunt their legs) and skirts. Ever since its inception, the high-waist style has been making a comeback every now and then.

In the 80’s, the famous fashion brand Guess launched a campaign featuring high-waist jeans and everyone wanted one. The best thing about high-waist jeans is that it suits bodies of all shapes and sizes. Tight at the hips, the jeans give a flatter look to this area and hide the belly fat that I am sure no one wishes to flaunt anyway.

I was a bit reluctant to invest in a pair of these jeans as I wasn’t sure if I would be able to carry them well. Then a friend forced me to give it a shot and buy at least one pair.

It took her a couple of days to convince me but I must agree that I am in love with them and will soon order more using the Frontier Internet Packages. I have to subscribe to these packages, as I love to watch shows and indulge in online shopping.

Anyhow, when I ordered my first pair of high-waist jeans I was unsure what to pair them up with. So, I googled the famous looks and in this blog, I will share them with you.

Be bold!

Pair up your high-waist jeans with tops that have bold patterns or are bathing in bold colors. However, if the top has a bold pattern, avoid jeans that are embroidered or have any kind of print on it.

If both the top and the jeans have prints displayed on them, the overall look will not come across as chic.

You want your friends to notice these two pieces of clothing separately. However, if you decide to wear a bold colored top (that is nothing but a solid single colored top) with your jeans, do not shy away from wearing a slightly embroidered high-waist jeans or bell-bottoms.

Invest in a corset:

Corsets are famous for giving one the much-desired hourglass figure. So, when you pair up high-waist jeans with a corset, your friends will go gaga over that look, trust me. They both go hand in hand.

While the corsets cinch in your waist, the high-rise jeans lengthen your torso and legs. Corsets come in various styles and you can choose from an array of them to give that sexy look.

The popular materials that corsets are designed in are satin, cotton, mesh, leather, and brocade. You can even choose between an overbust and underbust style, depending on your liking.

Tuck that top in!

One of the most famous duos is high-waist jeans or bell-bottoms paired with tucked in tops. This is one of my favorite styles as well.

If you want to rock this look, you can make many variations to it. Let’s talk about the jeans first. You can either tuck the top in skinny high-rise jeans or a bell-bottom version of it.

Both look good but my favorite is the bell-bottoms. Coming to the top, it can either be a checkered button down shirt, a solid color button down shirt or a plain t-shirt.

In my opinion, button-down shirts look chicer when tucked in. As a cherry on top, wear a belt with it. It will enhance the overall look even more.

Heels or no heels?

Well, that’s a long debate in itself, but I would say this depends on the style of the high-rise jeans that you are wearing. Pair your high-waist jeans with flat pumps or sandals if they are skinnies.

But if you are wearing bell-bottoms, flat shoes are a definite ‘NO-NO’. You do not want to end up sweeping the floors with your precious jeans. Do you?

Easy on the accessories:

If you own a pair of flowy high-waist jeans, avoid over-accessorizing it with a huge bag and a long jacket. Keep it subtle. Remember the rule, less is more when it comes to chic styling. If you put every accessory that you own on display, do not be surprised if you are laughed upon at.

These were some of the tips at the top of my head and I hope you find them helpful. If any of you still need help when regarding how to bring your old high-waist jeans, that has been sitting in the wardrobe for years, to use, hit me up via my blog. I will be glad to help.

Have fun to style your vintage ‘mom jeans’ while I enjoy watching a vintage movie using my Spectrum Cable Packages

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