5 Fashionable Fall Tops to Rock in 2018

5 Fashionable Fall Tops to Rock in 2018

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There’s no better season for fashion than fall. The joy of wearing a beautiful outfit gets multiplied when the ensemble also makes you feel oh-so snug in the chilly fresh air. There’s a reason why “warm woolen mittens” are one of Maria von Trapp’s favorite things in The Sound of Music!

This list of five cozy women’s tops is chic enough to shake things up this season while being classic enough to last beyond it. They’re the perfect toppers for those wow-worthy bottoms and your fave power boots.

1. Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Summer isn’t the only season for showing off your shoulders. Long-sleeved off-the-shoulder tops are the best of both worlds: they’re cozy but they’re flirty, showing off a little skin in that cheeky manner that belongs to approachable girls-next-door. The only potential drawback with this look is chilly shoulders, so make sure to pair it with a down-do!

2. Classy Button-Up Shirts

Crisp and pragmatic button-up shirts bridge the gap between a day off and day on, and they’re great for the cold weather, to boot. Wear them to dress up your favorite casual bottoms, be they jeans, slacks, or joggers.

3. Vests

Fall trends vary by year, but a well-coordinated layered look is always a good idea. Vests come in all colors and materials, which means that there’s likely a style that will work for you.

Add a pop of color with a flashy vest (say, pink faux fur), or keep it down-to-earth with a utilitarian everyday vest (say, fleece). Wear them over long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirts depending on the weather.

4. Vintage-Inspired Knit Sweaters


5 Fashionable Fall Tops to Rock in 2018


I couldn’t be any happier about the revival that quirky sweaters are getting today. Vintage and vintage-inspired knit sweaters with chunky fits and unusual but artsy designs are this year’s must-have weekend outerwear top, great for elevating any jogger or jeans look.

The best part about this trend is that you don’t have to shell out the big bucks – most thrift stores are home to endless treasure troves of unique, retro sweaters in good condition.

5. Velvet Everything

Knits aren’t the only plush material that you can wear this fall. Velvet is as luxurious to look at as it is to touch. Who can resist the downy feel? Everything from intimates to shirts to outerwear comes in velvet, meaning that you can get creative and mix-and-match the textures of your outfit however you want to.

You don’t have to stick to plain velvet, either: crushed velvet and chiffon velvet are just two of the many unique varieties of this fabric out there.

Perfect Your Fall Wardrobe

The year may be winding down, but a high-functioning closet can keep your spirits and your fashion game flying high this season. The key is just to “top” things off with chic women’s tops that are true to your fashion personality.

The 5 styles above are proving to be very popular this season, and I’m head over heels about how perfectly they combine fashion and comfort.

Look cool while staying warm this season. Build an effortless fall top rotation with help from these surprisingly versatile pieces!

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