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48 hours in Toronto

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What it’s like to spend a weekend in Toronto? Unlike other marvelous tourists’ sights in Canada, Toronto is only good for the crazy ones. The people who know to charm the city with their own madness. Yes, it’s time to celebrate yourself with the excitement and thrill on the rods of Toronto.

Are looking up for an exciting weekend in Toronto? Here is the little guide to make these 48 hours the most valuable time spent on the earth. We all know the intensity of boredom on a business trip but you should never forget the fun when you’re in a city that knows to party.

A weekend is more than enough to get the taste of modern and a traditional Toronto. The first best thing you can experience after landing is Airport Taxi Toronto. Yes, there are some really good choices for reaching the destination. Get the city view for the high and taste the best food out there.

Once you have Check-in to the hotel

After check-in, head towards the Distillery District. It is the right place to wander around for the best food and for exploring more about the culture. There is a series of cafes, restaurants, and galleries that would definitely catch your attention.  It can be a great Friday night and a start of the thrilling weekend in Toronto.


Let’s start it with a history hunt. Make a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum. It covers almost the entire culture of Canada from ancient times to the modern period. Art, Ceramics, minerals and a lot more to learn and get treat your brain with the knowledge.

Oh, it is already a time for lunch. So, let’s move towards the St. Lawrence Market. This place is considered the best place for food and no doubt it is delightful to be there.

Enjoy the aroma and that will really get you to the high dose of the taste. Anyways, moving forward, few steps from St. Lawrence market, there is a place for sports lovers named as, Hockey hall of fame. You can try playing out there.

Next stop can be a Kensington market. A historical place but heart melting cuisines are now served that is enough for a memorable Saturday night of any tourist.

You can never get over the taste that is offered around the cafes in Kensington market. Also, it is the best way to explore the food culture of Canada.


You might be thinking that CN tower is missing, but no here we are. This is one of the incredible places and there is not even a slight chance to miss it.

Check out the stunning view of the city and enjoy being on the top of the world. Nearby the tower, there is also and Rogers tower you might like visiting it as well.

Next, waterfront alongside the banks of Ontario Lake. It offers a refreshing time on the beaches. Enjoy the free time and head to the Amsterdam Brewhouse, the place that serves the classic taste of food and an amazing culture of Canada at its best.

Save yourself a little more time so you can also enjoy the breeze on the cruise. Toronto Islands deserve more time but you can enjoy the view through the cruise along the waterside. There are also amusement parks to enjoy for the rest of the time.

At the end stop by the Stop Whistle just for a drink to enjoy. Your weekend almost ends here but in the end, you can still grab the glimpse the city by hiring a taxi in Toronto with any reputable car service company. Enjoy the spectacular trip!!

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