3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

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3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

Today I’m going to be showing you 5 healthy weight loss breakfast ideas. These recipes are all really well balanced with good whole card healthy fats and good protein. They’re all made with healthy whole and unprocessed ingredients and so they can help you to keep you fuller for longer with sustained energy. So let’s get the product with the first recipe and I really hope that you love them as much as I do.

Breakfast Idea#1

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss


The first breakfast that I’m going to show you today is incredible healthy chocolates smooth ball/ ice cream kind of thing. So what you’ll need is a blender to get started to that I’m adding two medium frozen bananas often just peel them, cut them in half and then store them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.

The rather they are when you freeze them the better. When stead of an avocado 2 teaspoons of cacao powder which is roll and tweak coco’s pure vanilla extract and cinnamon optional but I highly recommended using them and then our optional 1 TBSP of nut butter for some extra protein. I’m using unsweetened almond butter but cashew or hazelnut with the work then about 1 to 4 cup of water to blend. Just enough to blend but not too much.

So that this smoothie bowl stays really sick and after blending you can add that to a bowl and you can add some toppings if you’d like. If you have a few fresh banana slices and a bit of homemade granola and some fresh raspberries too and that’s a really simple healthy and easy and it’s perfect. if you’re looking for a healthier way to eat chocolate and the taste is amazing.

It just calls a healthy breakfast chocolate breakfast pudding because it’s like thick chocolatey, musse ice creamy. The healthy chocolatey smoothie ball will give you roughly 400 calories without the toppings which are a good amount for a healthy white class breakfast.

Breakfast Idea#2

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss


The second healthy weight loss breakfast idea that I’m going to show you today as a real sample and third totally amazing. Smarter and mushroom egg scrambled on toast. I really love when I feel like having something savory for breakfast. So just you start adding 1TSP of cooking oil to pad.

You can use macadamia nut oil, 1cup fast button mushroom slices and half a cup of Hobbs cherry tomatoes with half a teaspoon of Italian herb mix and some sea salt and black pepper too. You’ll start cooking that on the stove over a medium heat for a few minutes.

Next you have to crack two organic free-range eggs into a bowl and whisking that with a fork and once the vegetables are cooked you can add the egg mixture into the pan and start tossing it to the spatula straightway and you can keep doing that over medium heat on the stove and pull the eggs are fully cooked and the scrambled eggs mix. When it’s done and once it’s more cooked. You can add it to a slice of whole greens.

You can use grain rye toast or whatever kind of toast you put work. It’s also delicious with some fresh avocado slices and put in some fresh arugula on top. Tomato and mushroom egg scramble on toast will give you roughly 400 calories without the toppings and 1/3 depending on the brand of the bread that you use.

Breakfast Idea#3

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss


The third breakfast idea that I’ll be sharing with you today is something really the super sample. So it won’t take long to show you. it started getting a bowl of plain yogurt. You’ii use plain coconut yogurt because it’s dairy free. But you can use regular plain yogurt too or another substitute of your choice.

You can use about 2/3 of a cup measure and you can be topping that with one medium banana carbon slices and then you have to get a little bit fancy here and add some fresh fig pieces and also some pomegranate seeds too.

The combination is so good and some walnuts for extra protein. You can get 14 almonds and general cashew nuts. So this is super simple, super yummy breakfast idea that you can work together really quickly.

You can use any kind of fruit and nut combination that you like and be adding some fresh fruit to plain yogurt is so much healthier than having those already flavored yogurts which are usually full of sugar processed sugar and colorants and flavorings which are really bad for you.

So this calories for the breakfast really depend on the type of yoga that you use as well as the type of fruits and nuts that you’ve chosen. but as an example 2/3 of a cup of full cream plain yogurt plus one medium banana 14 raw almonds and 10 well cashew will give you roughly 400 calories.

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed and learned something new from the top 3 healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss. I hope that you were able to get some kind of meal inspiration from it.

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